Friday, August 21, 2009

Brown County State Park:

Went to Brown County State Park for a Hike with the Indianapolis Hiking Club but they had already departed by the time I arrived.  Did 2 miles on the Taylor Ridge Trail [In Brown County when they list it as ‘Rugged’ believe them. I did a mile out and then back. In that mile there was two climbs and a drop of 200 feet.  Followed that with a trip around Lake Ogle which was apx. another mile.

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Saw my first Hummingbird.  There were dozens of them but are very hard to photograph.  I plan to go back with a stool and tripod in the future.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I(L) U ?(C) ?(A) ?(S) O I ?(L) Stadium


A few months ago the Star ran an article about the disgraceful condition of the expensive signage on our new and expensive state-of-the-art football stadium.  These pictures were taken earlier this month and reflect that the problem, uh, embarrassment, is still uncorrected.

lucasoil (3)
The East side of the stadium

lucasoil (5)
The North side of the stadium

lucasoil (11)
The West side of the stadium

 lucasoil (13)
The South side of the stadium

lucasoil (8) 

lucasoil (7)

Its so bad that even the street level signs are defective.

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