Friday, November 12, 2010

Wolf Park, Indiana



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Wolf Park is a nonprofit education and research center, founded in 1972 and located in Battle Ground, Indiana, USA. Its captive gray wolves, red foxes, coyotes and bison serve as ambassador animals, helping to educate the public about wolves, their relatives and prey, and their behavior.


Pictures and video from our 2010 re-visit to Wolf Park. We got to go into the enclosure with Tristan, Renki and Ayla for our 'sponsor' visit. My wolf, Wolfgang, wasn't in a good mood so I went in with Kelly to visit her wolf, Ayla, who also had Tristan and Renki with her. The visit was awesome.


“This one-of-a-kind demonstration is offered each Sunday afternoon during open season. Guests have the opportunity to watch what happens when predator meets prey. Bison are some of the most formidable prey wolves will meet in the wild, and healthy bison, like those at the Park, have nothing to fear. Visitors will be able to see how wolves test their prey for weakness and how the bison defend themselves and their calves by chasing the wolves away. Although no animals are ever injured, you will be given unique insight into how wolves hunt and how difficult it is to be a predator in the wild.”


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Located in north central Indiana near Lafayette/West Lafayette Wolf Park is a Wolf preserve with a varied collection of North American animals.  Wolfs are observed in a compound with bleacher settings for demonstrations, lectures and observations.  Two or three wolfs are released [during presentations] into the very large Buffalo Compound so that their predatory behavior can be observed.  Don't worry the wolfs are at a distinct disadvantage as the herd contains many full grown bulls.  As a natter of fact the young bulls in the heard usually forget who is supposed to be the hunter and hunted.

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