Saturday, April 24, 2010

Featured Trail: Fall Creek Trail

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  • Scenic, Shady & Flat to rolling.

  • Wide & Paved.

  • Mile markers, occasional benches.

  • The Tree People


  • No restrooms [one port-a-let].

  • No fountains

  • No concessions

Overall Path:

  • 6.9 miles plus 6.3 more miles planned.
  • From Skiles Test Nature Park to Monon Trail.

  • Walk/Jog, cycling [connects to Bike Route 88], rollerblading, horseback.


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From the Kessler/56th Street bridge going towards Skiles Test (north) the trail is a winding shady walk between the roadway and creek. With several benches and a canoe ramp there are several parking spaces and mile markers. One of the things that make this my favorite stretch of the Fall Creek Trail is the 'Tree People', see if you can find them. I haven't walked the whole trail south of this point, and the trail is not complete north of Skiles Test. It connects to the Monon (south) and the 88 Bike Path (north). "A classic parkway – winding road, wide forested corridor – is home to the original Fall Creek Trail. Because the trail's alignment follows the historic George Kessler Boulevard Plan, it parallels the waterway, passing beautiful, century-old bridges and established neighborhoods. It is a quiet pathway, often brushing against the creek. The Fall Creek Trail is Indy's vintage greenway and will eventually connect downtown Indianapolis with northeast Marion County." from the Indy Parks website.

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMany of The Tree People are located along the 56th Street portion of the Fall Creek Photobucket - Video and Image HostingTrail. There viewable from the trail/road but you have to look for them. To view a full sized slide show click this link.

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