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Featured Trail: The Monon Trail

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  • Scenic, Shady & Flat.
  • Wide & Paved.
  • Mile markers, occasional benches.
  • Eateries & shops at Broadripple Village and Nora.


  • Congestion.
  • Speeding Cyclist

Overall Path:

  • 10miles plus 5.25 in Hamilton Co.  [96th Street to 10th Street.
  • Connects to Fall Creek Trail and Central Canal Towpath.
  • Walk/Jog, Cycling, Rollerblading.

From Start to Fall Creek Junction: 2.76 miles
From Fall Creek Junction to Broad Ripple: 3.49 miles
Broad Ripple to Nora: 3 miles
Nora to Carmel: 4.67 miles


Nora, Broad Ripple, Marott Park , Indianapolis Art Center, Canterbury Park, State Fairgrounds, Fall Creek Trail, Douglas Park, Central Canal Towpath.


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From 62nd street [Broadripple Village] going north to 86th street [Nora] is a nice shady 3 mile walk, with a slight elevation [The trail north of 86th Street to 96th Street is less shady and more prone to winds]. South of 62nd is also less shady. Mile markers [below 96th Street] make it easy to time yourself and adjust your turnaround point for shorter walks. The trail occasionally can be very busy with bikes, joggers, dog walkers and skaters. The path is wide and paved, has few street crossing points once you leave Broadripple Village, and has plenty of eateries and shops at both Nora and Broadripple.  Public restrooms only at 96th Street and Carmel City Hall.

Occasional drinking fountain [including doggie fountains] and bench. It crosses the canal, White River, Fall Creek and Williams Creek and passes Marott Park. It also connects to the Central Canal Towpath in Broad Ripple and the Fall Creek Trail south of the Fairgrounds.  Nice neighborhoods, Indianapolis Art Center, wooded areas, and art adorn the walk.

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PhotobucketBesides the natural beauty of the neighborhoods and wooded area the Monon Trail passes through, there are also sculptors, buildings decorated with murals and the IAC:

Monon Murals At several locations along the trail murals can be found on the back of buildings adjacent to the trail. There are over 40 murals painted on the back of a 400 foot long building between 52nd and 54th Street. To view a full sized slide-show of click this link.

Indianapolis Arts Center is located along the Monon Trail on the banks of White River. The grounds of the Center features sculpture, foliage and landscaping. To view a full sized slide-show of click this link.



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