Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mexico: Port Calica

We did a lot in Calica. We snorkeled off the beach at a ‘grazing’ area for sea turtles [I didn’t see one but Kelly did, I did bother a barracuda though], we snorkeled in a cave and at a lagoon, we did a zip line and we toured the ruins of Tulum. We had a great and busy day. As usual we booked our own excursion and received great service for a great price.

We arranged our excursion with Edventures and were very satisfied.  We did the ruins of Tulum in the morning. [see Ruins of Tulum link back on the "Activities" page.]  We walked the ruins on our own instead of using a guide but hiring a guide is pretty cheap.

After the ruins we did the zip line which was a blast.  Edguardo [he's the Ed in Edventures] took our cameras for us and took our pictures coming down the zip line. We then did the Dos Ojos Ceynote.  It was too dark there for our cameras so the pictures in the slideshow were not taken by us.  "Dos Ojos, meaning 'two eyes,' has become a world famous dive spot for obvious reasons. Divers and snorkelers alike cannot wait to traverse this vast cavern, considered one of the longest, and most decorated, underwater cave systems in the world. Enter through one of the two separate pools, which look like two large eyes, and explore an intricate, and surprisingly clear, maze of caves and limestone formations."  From the restaurant we loaded up in two boats and went out in the serve and down the beach to a point where sea turtles graze on the bottom.  Kelly saw a see turtle but was out of film and I was too slow to keep up but I got a great picture of a barracuda. BARRACUDA! Our last stop was a beautiful lagoon where the springs from the ceynote enters into the gulf.  The fish there are beautiful, big, small, whatever and if you don't splash around they will lets you get so close.

When we left the lagoon for the ride back to the ship everyone marveled at how much we had done in one day and for a low price to boot.

Edventures don't seem to have a website but if you email me I'll send you their email and a breakdown of our excursion.

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