Sunday, May 11, 2008

M.S. Holiday: Carnival Cruise

The MS Holiday {Motor Ship} is their oldest and smallest ship but that was no problem.  Didn't notice it until it pulled along side the Fascination in Cozumel.  Great crew, entertainment, etc.  Buffet was better on the Soveriegn of the Seas last year but not bad.  However I was very disapointed in the casino.  The only Hold'Em game was an electronic table which doesn't make since, who wants to play real people in the same room on acomputer?  A sad mix of online poker in a casino, how lame.  Never did get one tournament game going even though they advertised it the whole cruise.  Their entertainment was great and the cruise director was awesome, very talented.  Won big in bingo (twice) came in second in the slot tournament.

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