Sunday, April 19, 2009

Freedom: Carnival Cruise

We checked out of the hotel about 11 and onto the boat, uh ship, thereafter.  The line at the cruise terminal wasn’t too bad even though there were traffic jams all over from one ship to the next.  After we got on we got something to eat and haven’t stopped eating since then, food everywhere.
Its about 10pm now.  I struck out at bingo tonight and Kelly’s still at the crap table.  She looked like she had doubled up when I left the casino to watch the stage show in the theater.  Our cabin is really nice but its a long walk from the elevators, but we are right above the casino which is cool.  Gotta go, its time for my late night snack on the promenade deck…

952'long X 116'across
21max knots

There are buffets and grills everywhere as well as a sit down dinning room.  All are included in the cabin price. Also free 24 hour: Pizzeria, ice-cream and yogurt machines as well as tea and lemonade fountains.  Free room service is also included! In addition there are pay as you go restaurants and bars galore.


Carnival Website

This boat is a huge as our first ship, Sovereign of the Seas, if not bigger. It has basketball and volley ball courts, putt-putt golf, a three story water slide and a giant screen TV that they show movies and concerts on at night, which is so cool watching outside in a deck chair with a warm sea breeze blowing over you next to the pool.  There are four pools and at least six Jacuzzis' on deck.

Tuesday: Full Day at Sea

First full day at sea as we sail from Key West southwest around the western coast of Cuba then south/southeast to the Grand Cayman Island.

Still discovering spots on the boat.  We ate in the dinning room last night.  Usually we don’t make the time since it so fancy and you have to wait for your food.
I ordered some cured salmon and tiger shrimp.  Both were good but I obviously didn’t know what cured salmon was.  Tiger shrimp is all right but I think I prefer your normally curly tailed shrimp.


Today I ate, and then I ate some more.octoberfest
Still not winning at bingo, not even coming close.
Ate some more.
Nice breeze, not wind, but a breeze.  It just seems like no matter how strong the breeze may get its not wind, just nice.
I ate again.

Attended the adult comedian and the floorshow.  Kelly’s still playing craps and oh yeah, she's eating too

Friday: Second Full Day at Sea

Like our first full day at sea, and all our evenings, we filled our time with onboard activities, naps, walking, people watching, shows, swimming, the hot tubs, bingo, the casino, eating, shopping, twilight movies on the deck, and anything we wanted. Including an occasional nothing.

The day for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, which has become a nationwide event, occurred during our cruise so the cruise line sponsored an onboard ‘On Deck For The Cure’ event.

Our Port Of Calls were:

Key West, Fl.
Grand Cayman

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