Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Saturday: Ft. Lauderdale
2009 Cruise

We got into Ft. Lauderdale about eleven AM, checked into the hotel and walked around the area for a little.  We then caught city busses and made our way to the beach where we caught the Jungle Queen for a three hour tour [no professor or Mary Ann, just Kelly Ann].  The river boat took us up the New River past million dollar mansions and million dollar boats.  We saw Al Pacino, Hyzengar, Nick Saban, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s and David Sterns mansion, also the Vanderbilt mansion.  David Sterns mansion and boat cost over $50 million dollars!  I don’t want to here anything from these people about excessive taxes or whining about troubled franchises when they waste fortunes on ‘second homes and boats that are idle and vacant for months out of the year!

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eatingspagettiThe riverboat dropped us off at an island for dinner, entertainment and animal exhibits.  The food was octoberfestgreat: the ribs and chicken just fell off the meat and the coleslaw was the best I every had [I need to get that recipe].  A huge Peacock got on top of one of the huts and was crowing all over the place.

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