Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thursday: Jamaica Mon!




Kelly booked our day with ‘Phil Lafayette, Ocho Rios Tours’ which was to include The Dunn River Falls, White River Tubing and an optional lunch.  Phil was great. His knowledge of the islands history, flora and fauna was impressive.  He was entertaining, informative and industrious in his presentation.  He made sure we had a full day and we got more than our moneys worth.  At the Dunn's River Falls he got us very capable guides in ‘Big Daddy’ and Orville and at the White river the trio of guides led by Dwight  made sure we got the most out of our experience.

“…the Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s famous attractions. The Falls are comprised of 600 feet cascades, which flows over and through the rocky terrains, creating an ideal climbing environment with great panoramic views. Each day scores of people climb the falls wearing swimwear, aqua socks and taking along water cameras with the assistance of experience guides.”

Once again we were a small group [12] with plenty of attention from Phil and the guides as we enjoyed a beautiful day with some beautiful people.

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Climbing the falls was awesome, or as Phil taught us ‘Irie Mon’, 600 foot climb in clear mountain water was so much fun that by the time we got to the top we were having to much fun to be tired or aware of the chilly waters.

After the lunch stop at Scotchies, Phil drove us to the White River where he turned us over to three guides who would take us on our tubing experience down the beautiful river.  Led by Dwight who sang, danced and entertained us as we floated effortless down the sometimes swift, sometimes tranquil, always clear and shallow river.  At a rest stop we dived off a platform, swung from a rope swing, talked, sang, and relaxed to the sounds of the Jamaican beat before continuing down the river.

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After we dried off Phil took us thru the hills of Ocho Rios before dropping us off back at the shopping district, near the pier, where everyone had just enough time to wrap up some shopping before re-boarding our Ship.
Walking slow and talking fast, Mon.

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During the course of the day Phil gave us the options of stopping for lunch and/or shopping and managed to squeeze it into our itinerary.  The lunch stop was at a little local restaurant, Scotchies, off the beaten path where we had jerk pork, chicken, and a Festival Bread with a drink for a simple $6 each. Sitting in outside huts with that warm Jamaican breeze it was ‘Irie Mon’ *

* Irie Mon= Jamaican for ‘awesome man’

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